Saturday, 31 March 2012

How To Build Your Own Bazooka - Anthony Lewis

If you get a bang out of the flash and thud of an explosion and are intrigued by soft munitions, propellants and weapons, why not build your own bazooka? Anthony Lewis takes you through the process, from constructing the cartridge, barrel, grip and sights to mixing the propellant and igniter to assembling, loading and test-firing. For information purposes only!

Silent Death by Uncle Fester

Revised and Expanded Second Edition.
This amazing book covers in detail the forbidden fields of poisons and chemical warfare.
Subjects covered in detail include nerve gases, ricin, botulism and things which coroners look for in cases of suspicious death.
The book is exceedingly entertaining, very accurate, but a bit on the gruesome side as this topic would demand.

Disguise Techniques: Fool All Of The People Some Of The Time

Learn from a true disguise master how to disguise the mind--and the body--to create a new personality, use your mental powers to blend chameleon-like into your surroundings or create any number of characters for a quick change or long-term disappearance.

A Fine Read.

How To Find Hidden Cameras - By Marc Roessler

While it was easy to spot cameras twenty years ago due to their large size, this has become increasingly difficult during the last decade. Cameras have become much smaller and consume a fraction of the power they did ten years ago. Due to this, covert installation in nearly any imaginable place is possible. This paper will show methods frequently used for hiding cameras as well as methods to detect and locate covertly installed cameras.


Arwrology: All-Out Hand-to-Hand Fighting for Commandos, Military, and Civilians

Arwrology is derived from the old Welsh word arwr, meaning an all-out hand-to-hand fighter. It was developed by Gordon E. Perrigard, a Canadian medical doctor who combined his knowledge of advanced ju-jitsu with his knowledge of human anatomy to come up with this devastatingly effective close-in combat system.Arwrology was originally released in 1943 in Canada for use in training combatants for World War II. Martialists from all over the world quickly hailed its superior fighting methods, and today it remains one of the most highly sought after - and most valuable - fighting manuals in the world. Don't miss your chance to add this authentic reproduction of an extremely rare combat classic to your library at a price you can afford.

Friday, 30 March 2012

HPC's Car Opening Authority®

HPC's Car Opening Authority® is a multifaceted user-friendly manual that serves not only as a reference book, but also as an educational aid and opening index. It clearly depicts and explains all of the different techniques of the 13 styles of car opening. HPC's Car Opening Authority® shows you how to open virtually every vehicle for the past 15 years, including ALL of the current cars, vans and SUV's found in the U.S.A. and Canada, as well as many from around the world.

For the beginner, HPC's Car Opening Authority® will show you that one or more of the 13 opening methods can open many vehicles. Once you learn how to perform each of these opening methods, you will learn how to identify which techniques to apply to which vehicles.

For the experienced car opening professional, who knows the value of space in a work vehicle, HPC's Car Opening Authority® is the ideal book. Why waste valuable truck space with volume after volume of car opening material? HPC's Car Opening Authority® gives you opening information for over 650 vehicles all in just one binder.

HPC's Car Opening Authority® is concise, compact, fully illustrated, easily up datable and is backed by HPC's technical department, which truly makes this reference manual The Authority on car opening.

Getaway: Driving Techniques for Evasion and Escape 3rd Edition

Many people have become concerned with the dramatic rise in assassinations and kidnappings in recent years. A great number of these attacks have occured while the victim was in his car. The purpose of this book is to instruct the reader in the proper handling of his vehicle in event of such an attack. This book is also for those who plan to be driving with a suspended licence, robbing stores or banks, pulling hit & runs, or anything else you might get chased by police for. The skills of a grand prix driver are not necessary to learn these maneuvers. A few days of practice is all that is needed.


Monday, 26 March 2012

The Cheater's Handbook : The Naughty Student's Bible

There are probably two types of people who are going to read this book: students and teachers.

On one hand, you have the lackluster scholastic endeavorer who knows his stuff. No, not his academic stuff—his own stuff. He knows that he will be too lazy to get around to an assignment every now and then and that when that life-threatening moment arrives, he'll have The Cheater's Handbook in hand to make sure he's doing his corner-cutting right, to make sure that he is indeed taking the shortest path from Point F to Point A. (The expected societal analysis about why he feels the need to accomplish this can be found in the final chapter.)

Yes, The Cheater's Handbook will be the one book in his life that he ever does study.

On the other hand, you have the teachers, who would want to take a look at this, if only just to keep them updated what a student can accomplish by going through this excellent piece of prose.

All in all a great read and very well written, humorous and informative book. A MUST READ!

Hit Man: A Technical Manual for Independent Contractors

Rex Feral kills for hire. Daring. Unafraid. Professional. Now he dares to tell his professional secrets.
Feral is a hit man. Some consider him a criminal. Others think him a hero. In truth, he is a lethal weapon aimed at the enemy of the one who pays him. He is the last recourse in these times when laws are so twisted that justice goes unserved. He is a man who controls his destiny through his private code of ethics, who feels no twinge of guilt at doing his job. He is a professional killer.
Learn how a pro makes a living at this craft without landing behind bars. Find out how he gets hit assignments, creates a false working identity, makes a disposable silencer, leaves the scene without a trace of evidence, watches his mark unobserved, and more. An expert assassin and bodyguard, Feral reveals the details of how to get in, do the job, and get out - without getting caught. For informational purposes only!

The Hacker's Underground Handbook: Learn how to hack and what it takes to crack even the most secure systems! 

The information given in this underground handbook will put you into a hacker's mindset and teach you all of the hacker's secret ways. The Hacker's Underground Handbook is for the people out there that wish to get into the the amazing field of hacking. It introduces you to many topics like programming, Linux, password cracking, network hacking, Windows hacking, wireless hacking, web hacking and malware. Each topic is introduced with an easy to follow, real-world example. The book is written in simple language and assumes the reader is a complete beginner. 

Arrest-Proof Yourself: An Ex-Cop Reveals How Easy It Is for Anyone to Get Arrested, How Even a Single Arrest Could Ruin Your Life, and What to Do If the Police Get in Your Face.

This essential how not to guide explains how to act and what to say in the presence of police to minimize the chances of being arrested and to avoid add-on charges - which can often lead to permanent disqualification from jobs, financing, and education. Citizens can learn how to avoid arrest both on the street and when pulled over in a vehicle and are alerted to basic tricks cops use to get people to incriminate themselves. Sprinkled with absurdity and humor, this urgent, eye-opening book is a guide to criminal justice for all Americans. 

How To Crack Software

Cracking Lessons – learn how to crack software with detailed video lessons (Bonus Included)
Professional software crackers are ready to reveal their secrets!
Learn how to crack software with one’s own hands!
From: Moshe Cogan, practicing software cracker

We are the first one to offer the most detailed, interesting and entertaining interactive video tutorials on software cracking. Experienced crackers will demonstrate and comment each step of software cracking.
You will study a detailed, step by step lessons created by a real practicing cracker. You don’t need to be a PC guru and don’t even have to master any software programming languages. We will show you how to crack software with both the most simple and the most sophisticated protection systems.

Whats included in the Learning Course?
1 Theoretical Introduction
20-page PDF-introduction to cracking.

You’ll get answers to the following questions:
Who cracks software?
What types of protection exist nowadays?
What software is impossible to crack?
What tools are needed for successful cracking?

This information will be useful for you to get a better understanding of the cracking core.
2 36+ Interactive Video Tutorials

This is the valuable part of our training program. At the date, we have done 36 interactive video lessons, that will let you know all the ins and outs of software cracking. We will add new videos per our members’ requests!

Videos are 20-30 mins each. Every action, every click and every event is commented. We give an explanation of what we do and why we do it like that.

I have used this software myself and I must say it truly is excellent!

The Mafia Encyclopaedia Third Edition

Organized crime is the greatest criminal phenomenon of our time. From Al Capone, who boldly claimed his bootlegging activities were a public service, to John Gotti, the "Teflon don" who died in prison, these criminals have garnered headlines and captured the public imagination with their flamboyant lifestyles and colorful attitudes. Immortalized in books, movies, and popular television shows like The Sopranos and Growing Up Gotti, these gangsters, godfathers, hitmen, and dons have taken their place in criminal mythology, but the reality of their underworld endeavors is something entirely different. The Mafia Encyclopedia, Third Edition provides a comprehensive survey of the mob's most influential perpetrators and personalities, including their hangouts and hideaways, their plays for power, their schemes and crimes, and their unique culture and jargon. More than 100 illustrations approximately 500 entries, and a chronology bust the Mafia myths with an unflinching look at the brutal, sin-laden, and bizarre culture and characters of organized crime.

The Lottery Black book

The Lottery Black Book is one of the most popular lotto systems that has come out recently. Unlike other lotto systems, this course gives a lot of detail and has step-by-step instructions to win in multiple lotto games, such as the pick 3, pick 4, pick 5, and pick 6. If you play even one of those games then you will benefit from the course, and if you play a few of them then it is an essential purchase.
Not only does it go into detail, but it also shows you graphs and charts to give you a visual understanding of the system. It is put together in such a way that literally anyone can understand and implement. It teaches you that there is more to lottery success than pure luck, and that you need to play smart. Uses patterns to pick winning lotto numbers based on a Mathematics Professor and 3 times Multi-Million Dollar Lotto Winner’s strategy that he and many others have used to successfully suck millions out state lotteries around the country.

The Essential Underground Guidebook

The Essential Underground Handbook is probably the most revolutionary ebook to be offered for sale anywhere in the world. Discover the secrets your government doesn't want you to know. This is your guide to some of the most closely guarded insider techniques used by major crime syndicates and politicians alike - information you won't find anywhere on the web. Written by industry insiders, this ebook packs years of hard earned information into one incredible volume.

What you will learn from this book.

The quick start guide to offshore banking - how to open 5 offshore bank accounts in less than 5 minutes! 

Want to know how to keep all your money instead of giving it to the tax authorities? We'll show you how to get money paid directly to offshore accounts 

Transfer money anonymously and safely using pass-through accounts, stash accounts and spend accounts 

Open anonymous merchant accounts to take credit card payments from anywhere in the world 

More detailed information about opening hidden bank accounts in many other countries such as Latvia, Belize, Switzerland, Dominica, Granada, Ireland, Bahamas and Mexico 

How to get anonymous Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards that you can use at over 850,000 ATM machines worldwide and 3 million retailers 

How to set up discreet mail drops in over 100 countries with little or no identification requirements 

How to remotely set up telephone numbers in most major cities in the world to provide a perceived international presence for you or your organization 

How to anonymously route international calls directly to your cell phone 

How to make cheap telephone and fax calls worldwide by routing your phone calls through the internet 

How to surf the internet anonymously using a network of 'public' proxy servers 

How to route your anonymous internet connection through multiple countries in order to cover your tracks even more effectively 

How to quickly and easily set up your own corporation or Limited Liability Company 

How to set up International Business Corporations (IBC's) in over 30 offshore jurisdictions such as Panama, Channel Islands and the Bahamas.

And Many more!