Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Roman Ritual [Rituale Romanum]: Vol 2: Christian Burial, Exorcism, Reserved Blessings, etc

Normally I tend not to post Grimoires although I do have a huge collection of them since I seek all kinds of knowledge I never actually do the stuff instructed within them I only read them for the content within since its always interesting especially since some of them were published way before our time I did post my huge collection on pirate bay once but this one in particular seemed to have some relevance still in todays world if you believe in the supernatural. The first book is in complete Latin but this one has English translations side by side the latin text. It tells you how to perform an exorcism it goes through all the rituals you must do it even includes an original pre Vatican II exorcism this books contents are great for those that have an interest in the occult or if your a Christian. All in all a very interesting read.