Friday, 6 April 2012

The Spy's Handbook

Whether you're just a bit nosy, or you want to launch a full-scale investigation of your neighbours, this handbook teaches you everything you need to know. There are practical sections on codes, ciphers, invisible ink and signalling, as well as guidance on drops and safe houses. The handbook teaches you how to spot when somebody is lying, and how to lie effectively youself. There are sections on successful disguise and how to structure a spy ring, including pyschological recruitment strategies, psychic surveillance, and spotting moles. There is also technical advice about constructing bugging devices and setting traps. Herbie Brennan interlaces the facts with anecdotes about real-life spies, making this handbook an entertaining armchair read as well as an essential tool for any budding (or currently serving) MI6 operative.


  1. And this isn't probably at Barnes n Noble...

  2. What if you're not a young and budding MI6 operative? May still have to get my hands on this for a quick read.

  3. where could we buy this book?