Monday, 26 March 2012

The Essential Underground Guidebook

The Essential Underground Handbook is probably the most revolutionary ebook to be offered for sale anywhere in the world. Discover the secrets your government doesn't want you to know. This is your guide to some of the most closely guarded insider techniques used by major crime syndicates and politicians alike - information you won't find anywhere on the web. Written by industry insiders, this ebook packs years of hard earned information into one incredible volume.

What you will learn from this book.

The quick start guide to offshore banking - how to open 5 offshore bank accounts in less than 5 minutes! 

Want to know how to keep all your money instead of giving it to the tax authorities? We'll show you how to get money paid directly to offshore accounts 

Transfer money anonymously and safely using pass-through accounts, stash accounts and spend accounts 

Open anonymous merchant accounts to take credit card payments from anywhere in the world 

More detailed information about opening hidden bank accounts in many other countries such as Latvia, Belize, Switzerland, Dominica, Granada, Ireland, Bahamas and Mexico 

How to get anonymous Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards that you can use at over 850,000 ATM machines worldwide and 3 million retailers 

How to set up discreet mail drops in over 100 countries with little or no identification requirements 

How to remotely set up telephone numbers in most major cities in the world to provide a perceived international presence for you or your organization 

How to anonymously route international calls directly to your cell phone 

How to make cheap telephone and fax calls worldwide by routing your phone calls through the internet 

How to surf the internet anonymously using a network of 'public' proxy servers 

How to route your anonymous internet connection through multiple countries in order to cover your tracks even more effectively 

How to quickly and easily set up your own corporation or Limited Liability Company 

How to set up International Business Corporations (IBC's) in over 30 offshore jurisdictions such as Panama, Channel Islands and the Bahamas.

And Many more!

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