Monday, 26 March 2012

How To Crack Software

Cracking Lessons – learn how to crack software with detailed video lessons (Bonus Included)
Professional software crackers are ready to reveal their secrets!
Learn how to crack software with one’s own hands!
From: Moshe Cogan, practicing software cracker

We are the first one to offer the most detailed, interesting and entertaining interactive video tutorials on software cracking. Experienced crackers will demonstrate and comment each step of software cracking.
You will study a detailed, step by step lessons created by a real practicing cracker. You don’t need to be a PC guru and don’t even have to master any software programming languages. We will show you how to crack software with both the most simple and the most sophisticated protection systems.

Whats included in the Learning Course?
1 Theoretical Introduction
20-page PDF-introduction to cracking.

You’ll get answers to the following questions:
Who cracks software?
What types of protection exist nowadays?
What software is impossible to crack?
What tools are needed for successful cracking?

This information will be useful for you to get a better understanding of the cracking core.
2 36+ Interactive Video Tutorials

This is the valuable part of our training program. At the date, we have done 36 interactive video lessons, that will let you know all the ins and outs of software cracking. We will add new videos per our members’ requests!

Videos are 20-30 mins each. Every action, every click and every event is commented. We give an explanation of what we do and why we do it like that.

I have used this software myself and I must say it truly is excellent!

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