Friday, 30 March 2012

HPC's Car Opening Authority®

HPC's Car Opening Authority® is a multifaceted user-friendly manual that serves not only as a reference book, but also as an educational aid and opening index. It clearly depicts and explains all of the different techniques of the 13 styles of car opening. HPC's Car Opening Authority® shows you how to open virtually every vehicle for the past 15 years, including ALL of the current cars, vans and SUV's found in the U.S.A. and Canada, as well as many from around the world.

For the beginner, HPC's Car Opening Authority® will show you that one or more of the 13 opening methods can open many vehicles. Once you learn how to perform each of these opening methods, you will learn how to identify which techniques to apply to which vehicles.

For the experienced car opening professional, who knows the value of space in a work vehicle, HPC's Car Opening Authority® is the ideal book. Why waste valuable truck space with volume after volume of car opening material? HPC's Car Opening Authority® gives you opening information for over 650 vehicles all in just one binder.

HPC's Car Opening Authority® is concise, compact, fully illustrated, easily up datable and is backed by HPC's technical department, which truly makes this reference manual The Authority on car opening.

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